Unauthorised Use of Company Proprietary Material(s)

We gratefully seek your assistance in putting an end to the unauthorised use of material(s) belonging to Novel Learning Centre Pte Ltd (the “Company”).

We would like to bring to your attention that all of the Company’s materials, including worksheets and notes, can be identified by the Company logo and/or watermark and are to be used solely for lessons conducted in the Company’s premises.

If you come across any instances of unauthorised usage of the Company’s material(s), such as by an ex-tutor of the Company who is possession of such material(s), please report the matter to us immediately. In return for your assistance, including but not limited to providing evidence of such unauthorised usage of the Company’s materials, the Company will reward you with $2,000.00 in cash.

You may contact us at +65 6732 7115 or email us at novel@novel-learning.com to report any such matter to us or if you should require any further clarification on the above.


Thank you.