Ms Tay is a very dedicated and responsible teacher. She has no hesitation in spending extra hours to ensure the students were well prepared for the exams and had shown concern on the students’ progress. The class was very engaging and interactive, and she was able to put her points across well. Her expertise and patience had helped me understand math concepts well. Under her coaching, not only did I improve in my math results, my interest in Math was also developed and that interest continues even after my PSLE.
Anne-Joelle Tan

The P6 Premium Math was really helpful in providing me with lots of practice, especially in the more difficult problem sums, and explanations was clear and timely. This enabled me to tackle the PSLE math paper wilth confidence. I very happy to score A* for Math. Once again, Thank you!
Ethan Tan

Ms Tay is a very dedicated teacher that wants the best from her students. She puts in lots of extra hours over and beyond the stipulated lesson time. Ms Tay’s teaching is clear and I have benefitted from Ms Tay’s teaching. I’m thankful to find such a teacher!
Tan Yu Han

I have definitely benefitted from the math programme at Novel. I enjoy the lesson and look forward to attending classes each time. The teachers are helpful and approachable, particularly Ms Veron who has really helped push my confidence in solving math problem sums.
Gabriel Foo

When I was in P3, I got 63.5 for my SA1. But after attending Novel, I am constantly receiving marks of at least 75 for my P4! I really like all the teachers at Novel Learning Centre like Ms Ong.
Sylvester Kat

Ms Ong and Mr Shen are very patient and kind towards Hana. They are always helping her, teach and guide her to their best abilities. Hana really enjoyed going for their classes. Her results have shown improvement as well.
Mother of Nur Hana Binte Abdullah

My teacher is very clear in his explanations and I would always understand what he is saying. He also gives us examples of questions that I do not understand. I love the enthusiasm of the teachers at Novel!
Jocilia Goetomo

I have a stronger grasp of my science concepts now and I can answer my open ended questions better! The resources provided at Novel are so spot on for PSLE! Some of the questions appeared in exams!!
Brendan Soh

Our teacher taught us a lot of stuff. We get to discuss and share ideas and learn from one another. Also, I love it when there is a time for fun and a time for serious studying.
Chloe Hadi

Attending lessons at Novel gives me another environment and chance to learn my weak subject, Math. With small groups and quiet, clean classrooms, it allows me to have better concentration to understand my subject.
Clariss Wong

The premium math class has built a very strong foundation in terms of imparting all the core concepts. I am especially thankful for Ms Tay for her kindness, patience and dedication in teaching.
Nicole Ong

Before attending Math lessons at Novel, I was unclear of some methods regarding the questions. However, after coming to Novel, I am now more confident and successful in answering my Math questions.
Jadyn Chua

Concepts taught were useful. My results had improved and had been consistently getting A in all P6 Math exams. I also appreciate the intensive lessons given throughout the PSLE.
Jaren Ng

I love the fact that it is near my school and home and I can arrange any replacement classes easily with the help of the flexible timings available.
Ethan Yong

Ms Tay taught me the difficult questions that appeared in my exams, and the methods she uses for her answers are simple and they work well.
Joshua Ler

I improve my Math so much that I top the class for Math now and I am much faster in learning pace than my classmates.
Lee Si Xiang

Novel helped me understand the questions that I do not understand and allows me to do more than what my school is teaching!
Natashka Bedi

Miss Ong is very patient with her students. Yan Zi has some improvement in understanding the solution to problem questions.
Mother of Goh Yan Zi

Ms Tay is a very dedicated teacher and her teaching is clear and easy to understand. My math has improved.
Daryl Tan

Ms Tay is very patient and I love her method of teaching us Math which is very different from school!
Goh Shieh En

I will not hesitate to recommend Novel to any of my friends who need tutoring. Thank you once again.
Cheyenne Leow

After attending Novel, my results have improved and I could maintain my results. From a 70 plus results, I
Justin Lai

Ms Tay is very dedicated teacher. Always helpful and respond to questions on email very quickly too.
Darius Wong

I love the conducive environment and the specialised attention given to individual, unlike classes in schools!

The teacher explains questions clearly in class. It is a nice experience in this learning centre.
Shiraishi Mizuki

Ms Tay has shown genuine care and concern for her students. Thank you, Novel.
Sydney Chai

I love it that the papers in Novel are harder than my school

I love the kind teachers and conducive environment in Balmoral Plaza.
Timothy Foo

I like the attitude of the teachers in Novel Learning Centre.
Samantha Seow

My sibling and I love learning here at Novel!
Chelsea Lim

Thank you for the hard work and patience.
Ang Yan Soon

My Chemistry teacher is an extremely patient and pleasant teacher. I am not afraid of asking any questions when in doubt as she never judges us based on the questions. No question is too stupid for her to answer. As a result, I improved my Chemistry from a bare pass to a consistent B! Novel has strengthened my foundation in Chemistry
Nicole Lim

I was not able to answer questions that were difficult to me before attending the lessons. It helped me a lot with my exams as there were a few questions that came out and I was able to do it since I learnt it at Novel.
Nastassha Tan

My teacher is lively and quick to answer our questions. She clarifies our doubts regarding the subject and gives us tips to help us gain better understanding of the subject. The class is also quiet and conducive for lessons to take place.
Mandy Choy

Ms Maria is a very nice and helpful teacher. Her methods are easy to understand and she keeps giving me questions for topics which I am weak at to make sure that I could do them myself!

Attending lessons at Novel allows me to have a better understanding of the topics and any questions I have can be answered at Novel. This results in me knowing the contents and therefore improved my studies.
Isaac Lee

Novel helped me concentrate more in my studies without any distractions and gave me the opportunities to revise all my work and try out new practices so that I am better prepared for my exams.
Sathya Varshan

Ms Maria is very familiar with the topics and clarifies my doubts in class. Lessons at Novel make me more aware of learning progress and the areas that I need to work on!
Loh Zi Ying

My Maths teacher always teaches me the correct methods and my Science teacher helps me to write in structured sentences for different questions. She would even show me how the apparatus look like.
Liaw Yuan Chao

Dr Hendrik is a great teacher who explains well. When I do not understand the concepts, he was patient and tried using other methods to help me understand the problem.
Felicia Tan

I miraculously passed Chemistry (From F9 to C5!!) And I even managed an A2 for Physics! The notes in Novel are detailed. I also like the flexible timings here!
Daryl Mah

My teacher teaches really well and he goes through the entire concepts that I do not understand. Learning at Novel improved my Math from a D7 to B3!!!
Teng Kai Wen

Practising the tough papers and questions at Novel exposes me to different types of possible questions and the teachers explain to me the process of getting the answers!
Lim Khai Wen

I was able to clarify my doubts and questions about the topics with my teacher and the work given in Novel helped improve my ability to master Math.
Tan Rei

Mr William is very helpful and teaches concepts with good explanations. He would even ask me how school was for me. He cares for me beyond my studies.
Nigel Ang

The teachers here are really passionate about teaching. They have inspired most of the students here at Novel to give their best in all that they do!
Ever Chioh

Novel has made Chemistry one of my best subjects. The worksheets and notes given to me gave me better understanding of every topic plus sufficient practices.
Chloe Chong

My teacher is fun, engaging and insightful. He can answer the questions I ask and often gives me tips on how to remember certain topics.
Chang Zhi Ming

There is freedom to ask questions in class to clarify my doubts! The homeworks given were also specifically chosen by teachers for the students!
Elvina Fandy Li En

My teacher is very gentle and understanding. She ensures that I understand what I need to learn and is very patient when doing so.
Neal Kok

The teachers here help me not only in my tuition homework, but my school homework as well! They are really kind and helpful.
Reynard Wong

I was able to answer questions and identify my common mistakes. Novel has also helped me to spot questions from among popular schools.
Wong Xue Min

Lessons at Novel are always light hearted and fun, and I get to learn something from it at the end of the day.
Kelly Lee

My teacher is knowledgeable and he is friendly and approachable. The lessons here are stress-free, allowing me to study at my own pace.
Chong Zi Ming

I love the extra practices given to me at Novel and it helped me in my revision and scoring of good grades!

The teachers at Novel are patient and they give worksheets that will help tackle the weak points of students.
Xavier Chew

The teachers in Novel are patient and willing to help whenever in need. They are understanding as well!
Roy Pang

Not only have my grades improved, I look forward to studying Chemistry ever since I started attending Novel.
Prasanthi Ramaswamy

I like the small groups and the 1-to-1 teaching method was good and effective.
Tan See Ying

My results improved a lot!! I used to fail badly but finally passed my SA2!
Alex Chow

I love the personalised teaching in Novel and they helped me improve my grades tremendously!
Samuel Leong

I love the learning experience at Novel and the individual coaching instead of class teaching.
Loiuse Lee

I love the atmosphere in this tuition centre. Attending lessons here is fun!
Mhd Redowan

I love the teachers here and the flexibility of class timings.
Benita Leong

I find the atmosphere and environment in Novel great for studying!
Ryan Wong

Enrichment classes. Extra work = Extra practice/more exposure to questions.
Kimberly Ngiow

Enjoyable. Fun to learn. Easy to understand. Dynamic atmosphere!
Seah Chu Hern

Flexible timings, caring teachers and conducive environment. Ms Chong is very knowledgeable and clarifies all my doubts in detail. She tries her best to stretch me and help motivate me to do better in the subject. She believes in me!
Nur Farizah

The style of teaching here allows us to learn better since the teachers teach concepts that different students have need of rather than teaching the same concepts which were understood previously.
Soon Yuen Sian

Mr Chan is a great and patient teacher. He helps me understand Math concepts which are difficult to comprehend. Great experience here at Novel!
Cheryl Boey

Novel Learning Centre gives individual attention to their students and allows each of them to learn at their own pace.
Nicholas Lo